BFA, Graphic Design
University of Akron

MBA, Marketing
University of Missouri KC


American Greetings
Line Designer

Hallmark Cards
Assistant Art Director

My Story

I want to share the experience I have when I see a gorgeous pattern.

The exhilaration of color, the sweeping dips and swells of lines, the unexpected element that really makes it sing; the way it all comes together to create an experience that is truly sublime.

It’s that rush of excitement – the nearly uncontainable joy of seeing something new and bold and stunning – and it has happened to me hundreds of thousands of times.

Working as a designer and assistant art director in the greetings industry for over 10 years, I encountered creative genius on a daily basis. Art licenses would come in and I could hardly wait to see the palettes and patterns I’d be designing with next. They were beautiful, they were dazzling, they were inspiring.

From that inspiration came the question: what if I could create the very experience I had so cherished over the years?

I started digging in and researching to see if I could do it. I added a business degree to my BFA in graphic design. I studied the industry; I sketched and dreamed of the day I could share my own patterns.

Now, it’s finally here!

It has been a long road with many twists and turns, but I have loved every minute of it. I know I have a ways to go – there are so many patterns and designers in the world – but I’m excited for the chance to make my dream a reality, to share that reality with you, and hopefully, in the process, make your reality a little more beautiful.